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Contact Us:  chiangmai@tigerkingdom.com

We  love  Tigers. They are not aggressive as you think. At Tiger Kingdom NONE of the tigers are drugged or tranquilised, and we do not believe in using chains, restraints or any other forms of animal abuse.

  TIGER KINGDOM   Mae-rim,   Chiang-Mai.  THAILAND  TEL. (66) 053-299363 , (66) 053-860704
It is 10 KM.(15 minutes) from Town.


   คุ้มเสือ ตั้งอยู่ในเขตเทศบาล แม่ริม ต.ริมใต้ อ.แม่ริม จ.เชียงใหม่ (10 กม. จากตัวเมืองเชียงใหม่)
 ผ่านที่ว่าการอำเภอแม่ริม ตรง แยกไฟแดง เลี้ยวไปทาง อ.สะเมิง(น้ำตกแม่สา)เพียง 200 เมตร บนถนน เลียบคลองชลประทาน


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Mae-rim, Chiang-Mai. THAILAND
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          UPDATE! Our Customer in     JANUARY 2012   AND    MARCH 2012  (2012-5-2)

                          The Park, the costs of admission/play with our tigers in enclosures ,you can choose.


-  New Born (2-3 Months)

620 baht  (~20$)/person

(10 minutes in enclosure)

-  Smallest Tigers  (4-8 Months)

620 baht  (~20$)/person

(10 minutes in building)

-  Medium    (9-12 Months) 

420 baht  (~15$)/person

(15 minutes in enclosure)

-  Big Cats   (13-30 Months)

420 baht  (~15$)/person 

(15 minutes in enclosure)

And also you can take all program or Pack two,three Cage with SPECIAL PRICE. 

All Prices included : Local VAT.7% , Service Charge & Insurance Premium.

You can bring camera to take photo by yourself inside the cage. 
If you need professional photographer take photo for you, you just pay extra 299 baht/each program for a CD(50-100pictures)

       The suitable time for play with the Tigers should be around 10.00 AM. until 06.00 PM.   

Lowest Price in The World! Once in your life with the big cats at TIGER KINGDOM Chiang-mai THAILAND.


is open daily from 09.00 am until 06.00 pm serving international food and Thai food.
                                              Buffet lunch start from 11.00am-14.30pm daily (200 baht / person).

 You can see through our tigers in enclosures during your lunch.(No extra charge for this area) 

Contact Us:  chiangmai@tigerkingdom.com

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 Live Music at Tigerkingdom IN TOWN Restaurant

Tiger facts  from Our volunteers  Dave & Suzi Colley (UK)

LIVE!   By  5 IP CAMERA  ชม คุ้มเสือ สดสด ผ่าน 5 กล้อง IP CAM   






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